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Here at Legacy Christian Academy, we've been helping students from all around the DFW Metroplex--from Plano to Prosper, McKinney to Allen, and beyond--reach their very best. Of course, you don't have to take our word for it: you can read these testimonials from parents and former students. Call us at 469-633-1330 if you have any questions, or come visit us at 5000 Academy Drive, Frisco, Texas 75034--we can't wait to see you!

Brian & Leya Grubbs

When my husband and I first enrolled our oldest at LCA five years ago, we had no intention of staying.  
We were wanting a structured, rigorous preschool program for Kindergarten preparedness and Legacy fit the bill.  However, when the time came to determine what we were going to do for Kinder, we couldn't leave Legacy.  Brian and I had fallen in love with the teachers and staff, the other families, all of the children and the Christ-like environment that was not only enriching our child academically, but character-wise as well.  
I have always said that at LCA, the teachers aren't just head-training, they are heart-training, too.  For my children, as far as expectations go, the line between home and school is blurred- in a good way.  The ideals and values we have in our own four walls are lived-out and modeled daily at Legacy.  To have their school be such a smooth, flawless extension of our own home, our own family...well, you just can not put a price tag on that.  It's the staff and teachers that make Legacy so special.  I know them personally...their marriages, their children, their interests and about their own walk with Christ.  They are who I want around my children when my children are not with me.  I have a relationship with these people, and frankly, every parent deserves that with their kids' educators.  I believe that.  
Legacy has been such a blessing to us.  We have anchored our family around LCA because we choose to, because Legacy has brought our community "in" closer and more intimate as far as suburbia life is concerned.  But more importantly, my kids love their school.  They love being there, take pride in their campus and they feel valued and adored by their teachers. Every child deserves that.  LCA believes and clearly states that God has a unique plan for each one of these little people's lives.  And this school is committed to loving and nurturing each child into the best version of themselves that God intended them to be.  It's because of Legacy we are blessed to see this play-out daily in our own children.

Chris & Jane McCullough

Our family has been truly blessed by finding and attending LCA for the past 9 years.  Our 3 children have attended LCA since moving to Dallas 9 years ago when we were transferred by my company.  It was a traumatic move for us as a family, we had lived in Atlanta Georgia in close proximity to family for the previous 38 years. In addition, we moved in December, the middle of the school year.  

 My wife was an educator prior to having our children and their spiritual and academic development have always in priorities to us.  Prior to moving out to Dallas, my wife researched numerous private schools and scheduled many onsite visits.  Once she visited LCA she told me there is something special about Legacy Christian - she said it wasn't 1 thing but a combination of the great teachers, the atmosphere, the academics and the culture.   

Her instincts were so accurate.  We have been blessed with our experiences at LCA.  Our children have grown beyond anything we could have imagined.  The college preparatory academics, athletic programs, faith development and community service activities are building a great foundation for our children to have a successful future.  I am confident and thankful they are developing the tools to succeed in a competitive global workforce and defend their faith in ever increasing secular world.

Tom & Sandy Stockton

We have had the amazing privilege and blessing of being able to send four children to LCA. Our three son's have all graduated from LCA and gone on to successful and fulfilling college careers. They were prepared both academically and spiritually for college life and beyond. Our daughter is still at LCA. She is a sophomore this year and has been at Legacy since kindergarten. The staff, faculty, parents and students are truly a family. We have also had the opportunity to volunteer and be involved with the school during the time our children have attended. That opportunity has also been a tremendous blessing to us. For anyone desiring a Christ centered, academically sound, athletically challenging and safe environment for their children; we recommend Legacy Christian Academy unreservedly and wholeheartedly!

Nathan Neufang (2004)

Coach Embry & Mr. Housley recently skyped with LCA alumnus Nathan Neufang (2004) on his time at Legacy, newborn son, undefeated football season, and upcoming graduation from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. 
Of his time at Legacy, Nathan shared, "Legacy prepared me to not just give answers, but to be able to think through issues.  As I got into college and as I continued on in studying for a master's degree, one of the most important things was for me to be able to evaluate different ideas and worldview and filtering them through a Christian perspective.  The second thing LCA has done is show me importance of living out a Christian life.  It was cool to have teachers and coaches that encouraged you to do the types of things that you wanted to do but also that you could do those in a Christian way."


Paul & Laura Wetzel

We came to the Legacy Open House last year having already heard wonderful things about LCA.  We wanted to see firsthand if this was a place where our bright, but highly active son would flourish.  When we walked in, Andrew was immediately excited about all the ‘big kids’ at the front entrance who greeted us walking in.  After walking through the halls of a ‘big school’, he was quickly drawn to the iPads sitting on the table in Ms. Blanscet’s classroom.

 During our visit, Ms. Blanscet shared one of the student’s composition books.  We were very impressed that these 4 and 5 year olds were not only writing complete words, but in full paragraphs and using complete sentences… with punctuation!  Another mom approached us during our visit and shared that she noticed a dramatic improvement in her son's obedience at home, after only the first 3 weeks of school.  A lot of that has to do with Ms. Blanscet, a mother of 3 boys, who is very reassuring that not only could she handle our son with his need to be challenged academically, but she would also help shape Andrew’s behavior in the same way we would at home.

 While driving home, Andrew could not stop sharing his excitement about Spanish, Gym, Music, and Reading!  From that point on, we knew that LCA was the school for Andrew.  Since then, we've been extremely pleased with our decision to join the Legacy family and have felt welcome from that very first Open House last Spring.  LCA has been a wonderful, Christ-based learning experience for our son, which is our highest priority.  Our hopes for his spiritual, emotional, behavioral, and academic development continue to be surpassed.  We simply love it and can’t imagine him being anywhere else.

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