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Summer Reading

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Summer Math

5th Grade Math

Summer is the perfect time to practice and reinforce valuable math skills. In order to keep your student’s math skills sharp, we have selected a few key ixl lessons that all students are required to complete before returning to school in August. Mrs. Mitchell has given your child a required list of topics and she will check their progress throughout the summer.

Parents, please contact the following teacher for login information for IXL(5th) so that your student may begin working on the summer math program. We will adjust grades dependent upon when a student is given their login access.

5th grade:

Mastery of concepts required to be ready for fifth grade:

All facts memorized up through 12’s for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, familiarity with the rules of rounding, and completing sequences. Students should recognize and name fractional parts of a whole and a group. Students should be able to convert between basic units of measure (feet, inches, yards).  

6th Grade Math

Mrs. Watts has selected the following lessons from IXL on the 6th-grade level for incoming 6th graders to complete by August 10th. Each student that completes all 20 of the lessons with a smartscore of 85 or above will earn two 5-point bonus coupons that may be applied to a test grade of choice during 6th grade. After completing the 20 lessons listed, students may get additional practice if desired by completing 6th-grade lessons of choice. New 6th graders may email Kathy Watts for IXL login information. Grades will be adjusted dependent upon when a student is given their login access.

A.1 Place Values in Whole Numbers
A.2 Choose Word Names for Numbers
A.3 Write Word Names for Numbers
C.1 Divisibility Rules
E.3 Prime or Composite
E.4 Identify Factors
E.5 Prime Factorization
E.6 Prime Factorization with Exponents
E.7 Greatest Common Factor
E.8 Least Common Multiples
E.9 GCF and LCM: Word Problems
O.1 Add, Subtract, Multiply, or Divide Two Whole Numbers
O.2 Add, Subtract, Multiply, or Divide Two Whole Numbers: Word Problems
O.3 Evaluate Numerical Expressions Involving Whole Numbers
O.4 Add, Subtract, Multiply, or Divide Two Decimals
O.5 Add, Subtract, Multiply, or Divide Two Decimals: Word Problems
O.6 Evaluate Numerical Expressions Involving Decimals
O.7 Add, Subtract, Multiply, or Divide Two Fractions
O.8 Add, Subtract, Multiply, or Divide Two Fractions: Word Problems
O.9 Evaluate Numerical Expressions Involving Fractions

Mastery of concepts required to be ready for sixth grade:

All facts memorized plus adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing all whole numbers and decimals as well as fractions, familiarity with order of operations with whole numbers as well as mean, median, mode, and range using whole numbers and decimals. In addition, be able to choose the appropriate customary measurement and compare and convert customary measurements. In Geometry, students will need to know basic two and three-dimensional shapes, as well as perimeter and area using whole numbers and decimals.

7th & 8th Grade Math

Students will continue working on their current ALEKS pie throughout the summer. Students should complete 135 topics over the summer which averages to between 10 to 11 per week to complete their pie. Incoming teachers will decide grades or incentives based on the number of ALEKS topics completed. If you are planning to move into 8th honors, then you are asked to complete your current pie.

Parents of new students, please contact the following teachers for logins for ALEKS (6th-8th) so that your student may begin working on the summer math program. We will adjust grades dependent upon when a student is given their login access.

7th grade:

8th grade:

Mastery of concepts required to be ready for seventh grade:

All previous concepts from 5th– 6th grade plus all operations/order of operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing) with fractions, decimals and integers, formulas for basic geometry formulas (should be memorized) – area, perimeter, and volume (rectangles, squares, triangles, and circles), divisibility rules for 1-5, 9 and 10 must be memorized, metric units/customary units and how to convert, one step equations, how to read various types of graphs- line, bar, circle and stem and leaf, factors and multiples, GCF and LCM, basic scientific notation and standard notation, basic strategies-trial and error, work backwards, draw a picture, make a simpler problem, rounding and estimating, squares and square roots, rates and unit rates, proportions, basic transformations, word problems with all concepts, basic probability and how to use dollar signs and cent sign properly when working with money.

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Athletic Forms

Our coaches are now charged with collecting, reviewing, and recording TAPPS paperwork. This means that each student desiring to participate in athletics must have TAPPS paperwork submitted and complete prior to participating in any workouts. Please turn these into your son/daughter's coach. Please follow this link to complete your TAPPS forms online:

Calculator Requirements: 5th-12th Grade

Calendar: 19-20 One Page

Carline Maps

North Campus Carline Map

Carline Tags

College Fair

Legacy Christian Academy is thrilled to be hosting our annual Fall College Fair and Christian College Fair. College fairs are a low-risk, high-return experience for students. Dozens of diverse colleges will be in attendance so students can quickly and easily learn and interact with a variety of schools. Underclassmen learn to network in a virtually risk-free environment, while upperclassmen have the opportunity to create a great first or second impression with the people who will likely review their application!

Legacy's annual college fair will be held on Monday, August 26th from 6:00 until 8:00 pm in the Upper School Commons. Over 65 colleges from around the country will be in attendance, ready to meet each student. The college fair is open to all students in grades 8-12.

For each grade, the college fair presents different opportunities:

  • Eighth Graders: Not only is this great exposure to start learning about different colleges and what they offer students, but it is a great opportunity to network with adults in a safe and friendly environment.
  • Freshmen & Sophomores: A great goal for these students would be to begin honing their lists of interests and career opportunities. Additionally, they should begin to pay attention to admissions requirements and ensure that their own personal and academic goals align accordingly.
  • Juniors: As the admissions process truly begins this year, these students will want to focus in on specifics, both colleges and entrance requirements. The fair is a great opportunity to identify which schools are (and are not) serious contenders for their attention.
  • Seniors: For the Class of 2020, these representatives are your admissions agents! This is your opportunity to have face-to-face conversation and make personal impression with the person who will read your application. Be sure to ask specific questions about their application and inquire out about scholarships.

As the college admissions landscape continues to evolve, college fairs still represent an excellent opportunity for students to gather information and leave a valuable impression regardless of their grade-level!

Dress Code Requirements

Legacy Christian Academy Uniform Standard 2019-2020

Dress Code FAQ

Is Dennis Uniform the only provider of uniforms for LCA students?

Yes, Dennis School Uniforms is the exclusive provider for LCA. Dennis provides an excellent product at a fair price. In order to have true uniformity in terms of color, style, fit, and our unique logo, one vendor is our best option. Dennis Uniforms has been an American based company since 1920; their products are 100% guaranteed and are cut, sewn, and assembled by hand in their factory in Portland, Oregon. Dennis offers a seamless and simple return process, and they take pride in their exceptional customer service.

How do we purchase uniforms?

Dennis Uniforms has provided LCA with our own “mini website” to make online ordering easy, which can be viewed here.

What does daily wear, dress uniform, and spirit dress mean?

Daily wear is what students will normally wear Monday through Thursday.  

Dress uniform will be worn on specific occasions throughout the school year when we want to have one uniform look (i.e. special chapels, school-wide events, guest speakers, symposiums, picture day, etc.).  

Spirit dress is reserved for Fridays, as well as any other day designated by a principal or the Head of School. Spirit wear is available in the Eagle's Nest Spirit Shop or through Athletics.

Must shirts have the school logo?

Yes, all daily wear polo shirts must have the official school logo. Dennis Uniforms will provide these shirts in several styles, fits, and color options.

What are the outerwear standards?

The Dennis Uniforms quarter zip sweatshirt will be approved outerwear for both boys and girls. The black, quarter-zip, dri-fit pullovers sold in the Spirit Shop are also approved for outerwear. Upper School students will wear the blazer as approved outerwear on dress uniform days. Letter jackets will continue to be approved outerwear for  Upper School boys and girls. Team specific outerwear is approved on Fridays and other designated spirit dress days. When wearing outerwear on daily wear days, polos must be worn underneath.

My old plaid items still fit and look good.  May I still wear them?

Yes, students can wear the Parker plaid from years past.

What kind of socks and shoes are allowed?

Socks that are not distracting in design or that do not bring undue attention to the student are allowed. Shoes must be closed-toe and closed-heel. Shoes may not have lights, wheels, or bells. They must not be a safety hazard. Boots may be worn with pants. Shoes for the dress uniform must be a black or brown dress shoe. 

Do pants and shorts need to be purchased through Dennis Uniforms? 

Dress uniform khaki pants must be purchased through Dennis Uniforms. Daily wear khaki pants and shorts may be purchased through any vendor, but must be the same color khaki as those purchased from Dennis Uniforms. No holes, rips of any kind, decorations, elastic or cut-offs may be present in the apparel. Length and tightness of garments must meet modesty guidelines. No cargo pants or shorts are allowed for daily wear, dress uniform, or spirit dress.

Can I purchase the dress uniform from local vendors?

No. Dennis Uniforms is our exclusive vendor. All uniform clothing items must be purchased through them. Optional items such as tights, socks, shoes, and belts that meet our new uniform code may be purchased from other vendors. However, Dennis Uniforms offers these items as well.

Can I try on the uniforms before purchasing?

Yes. There will be fitting days announced where Dennis Uniforms representatives will be on campus to assist you. Also, there will be sample sizes available in a uniform kiosk on each campus for fitting throughout the year.

What is Dennis Uniforms’ return/exchange policy?

Dennis Uniforms makes returns and exchanges fast and easy. This can be done for any item in its original condition that is still current on your school's uniform program within 180 days of purchase.

Does the dress uniform blazer or oxford shirt require the LCA crest?

No, the blazer and dress shirt are not required to have the LCA crest.

Eagle Expo

What is Eagle Expo?

Eagle Expo is Legacy's back to school event (always held the Saturday before school starts) where you can sign up for booster clubs, turn in nurse's forms, sign up for lunch accounts, purchase spirit wear, meet your teachers and more!

What can New Families do during the VIP time?

Everything! We simply wanted to provide a time when it will be less busy and our teachers and volunteers can focus on meeting you and answering your questions.

Where should I go?

Join us in your respective schools (PreK-8 to South Campus and 9-12 to North Campus). Each campus will have the same stations and opportunities. 

What is the dress code?

This is a casual event; students do not need to be in dress code. Should I bring my students? Absolutely! This is the perfect time for them to meet their teachers, pick up schedules, and get themselves oriented and ready for the new school year. 

What if my family can't attend?

While we request that you make every effort to attend, we understand that some people simply cannot. You will have the opportunity to take care of these various sign-ups, purchases, etc. during the first week of school.

If you have additional questions, please contact your principal's administrative assistant.

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