Lunch and Cafeteria Information

A Culinary Experience

Legacy Christian Academy partners with SAGE Dining and My Kids Spending (MKS) to transform our cafeterias into culinary experiences. SAGE Dining manages our food services program in its entirety, including the oversight of student account management through a software platform called My Kids Spending (MKS). Tap here to learn more about SAGE Dining Services. Using SAGE Dining’s LCA web page, families can review menus, pricing, allergy information, manage MKS, and more. Families can also click here to access My Kids Spending (MKS) directly

In addition to their website, both SAGE Dining and My Kids Spending (MKS) offer mobile applications. Tap to download Touch of SAGE on iPhone or Android device.

Tap to download the My Kids Spending app on iPhone or Android device.

If you have any questions about your MyKidsSpending account or the lunch options available to your student, please reach out to John Diggs at
How Do I Create My MyKidsSpending Account?

To register your MyKidsSpending account, or to add a new student to an existing account, go to and select either “Get Started” from the upper banner or the “Create Account or Add Student” button near the bottom. If the school registered your account (you’ll usually get an email saying so) and you need a password, please skip to how to request your password.

SAGE How to register account

Here you will enter the e-mail address you would like to use. This e-mail will serve as both your log in ID and also it will be where we send any e-mail correspondence. There are also fields for your first and last name, your phone number, your student's school, your student’s ID number, and your student’s first and last name.

If you are only adding one student, once your information is entered, click the “complete registration” button and you will be taken back to the main page. If you have multiple students to add, clicking on “Register this account” will instead keep you on the same page and allow you to add another student.

At that point we attempt to match the school, student name and ID number, and if we get a match, the account will be set up for you automatically and a confirmation e-mail will be sent providing your password information. If you do not have the student ID number, or we are unable to verify some information you have entered, you'll get an e-mail letting you know that the school is still in the process of loading your student's information into our systems and we will work to complete the registration for you.

Your password can be changed at any time by logging into your account, selecting the Change Password button and following the prompt. E-mail addresses can be updated similarly by logging in and selecting the Change E-mail Address button and following the prompt.

Please consider adding our address to your address book so that any correspondence is not accidentally filtered out as spam. We can be contacted at that e-mail if you have any questions.