Lunch and Cafeteria Information

A Culinary Experience

Legacy Christian Academy partners with SAGE Dining and My Kids Spending (MKS) to transform our cafeterias into culinary experiences. SAGE Dining manages our food services program in its entirety, including the oversight of student account management through a software platform called My Kids Spending (MKS). Using SAGE Dining’s LCA web page, families can review menus, pricing, allergy information, manage MKS, and more. Families can also click here to access My Kids Spending (MKS) directly

In addition to their website, both SAGE Dining and My Kids Spending (MKS) offer mobile applications. In your phone’s app store, search Touch of Sage and My Kids Spending respectively.

Information for the 2020-2021 School Year:

South Campus (Pre-K-8th Grade)

If your student attends school at the South Campus (Pre-K through 8th Grade) all lunches will be delivered to the classrooms.  In order to best organize these deliveries, we have set up an online ordering portal for South Campus students and faculty only on the MyKidsSpending page.

Please note that you will be ordering at least one school day ahead at a time. For example, you will need to order by 12 noon on Friday for lunch on Monday. For lunch any day Tuesday through Friday, you just need to have your order submitted by noon the day before. There is a special group in the Legacy App you can subscribe to in order to receive Lunch Order Reminders. It is called Pre-K-8 Lunch Reminders. Just select that group and remember to opt-in for notifications to be reminded to order lunch.

If you do not have a MyKidsSpending account, please visit From here, you can fill out the information for your child and you will be directed to set up an account.  If you do not know your child's Student ID number, you do not have to fill out that field, someone will reach out to you regarding the set up of the account.

Here is a step-by-step guide to ordering for the South Campus.

  1. Visit the Sage Dining Menu page. Change the view to weekly, and print the menu (or take a screenshot on your phone) for the week(s) for which you want to order.  We suggest that you print the menu and circle your selections for each day – this will help you when you get to the MKS ordering page.
  2. Login to MyKidsSpending.
  3. Tap “Order Meals.” There is also a link to view the menu on the main page, in case you didn't do step 1.
  4.  When you get to the ordering page, you will notice that the days for which you can order are in bold black.
  5. There will be four choices – these are referenced in our online menu – this is where the printout of the menu is helpful when selecting Main Ingredient or Crossroads selection. Please make a choice. All choices in the first drop down will come with a drink, fruit cup, carrots, and a roll.
  6. The second drop-down box will ask you whether you would like to order dessert, this is charged separately.
  7. The third drop-down box will ask you for your drink selection – Milk, Chocolate Milk, 16 oz Water, or 6 oz Orange Juice (these automatically come with the meal)/
  8. Make your selections for the week and then hit submit at the bottom of the page.

Sample Menu Order page on MyKidsSpending

View order page for SAGE dining services on south campus

  • Your account will be charged for the week of meals that you chose on the first of the order week.  Please make sure to have sufficient funding in the account for the week of meals that you chose, or the order will not be processed.
  • If you wish to cancel your order for any of the days you chose after submitting, go back to the online ordering screen and choose cancel choice from the drop-down screen.
  • If you need to cancel an order past the ordering window, please contact Jeff Babb at or contact MyKidsSpending at

North Campus (Upper School)

Lunch at the North Campus will continue to be served at the North Campus servery.  Packaged meals, bottled drinks, and snacks will be available for purchase, however, there will be no self-service options as in the past.
All transactions will be touchless, so it is important to set up an account with MyKidsSpending (MKS) if you haven't done so already. Students will receive an ID card with a barcode that is attached to their MKS account for use in purchasing items.
Students are encouraged to check out the menu through the Sage Dining App or the Menu website before they arrive so they can make their lunch selections quickly.
Lunch service will be offered Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  There will be a limited lunch on Wednesday with grab and go items and a smaller menu.
If you have any questions about your MyKidsSpending account or the lunch options available to your student, please reach out to Jeff Babb at