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Building Unshakeable Foundations: Together We Thrive!
Navigating the ever-changing landscape of parenthood can be both exciting and overwhelming. That's why we've crafted the Legacy Builders program—a toolbox of valuable resources, insights, and strategies designed to equip you with the skills needed to create a rock-solid foundation for your child's emotional, social, and academic growth.

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Our Legacy Builders program is more than just an education series; it's a journey of growth and discovery. Through a variety of engaging workshops (PEP Talks) and podcasts, our experienced counselors will join you on this path, offering guidance, support, and a space for open dialogue.

Power Tools for Parents Podcasts

Join the LCA Counselors as they talk through current topics impacting our students and give you Biblical and research-based strategies for tackling these issues in your home. Categories include Faith Formation, Family First Priorities, Technology, Communication, Marriage, Discipline, Mental Health, and more. Listen in as all three division counselors (and occasional outside guests) give you practical tools for your parenting toolbox in a fun, casual and informative conversation!

We are excited to share our Podcast schedule for 23-24:
August: Putting First Things First
September: Conquering Anxiety/Stress
November: Establishing Family Traditions
January: Managing Social Media
March: The Power of a Dad
April Teaching Financial Appreciation

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PEP Talks

In our PEP Talks, we strive to guide and equip our Legacy Parents as they face the challenges of parenting in today’s culture. We do this by hosting well-known parenting experts who address a variety of topics and provide much-needed resources in evening gatherings throughout the year. It’s a true Master Class! If you’ve never been to a PEP Talk, your LCA Guidance department offers these nights free of charge and even provides free childcare! Think “date night” while gaining valuable info to encourage and challenge you as a parent.

Upcoming 2024 PEP Talks

February 5, 2024– “Raising Kids with Grit” Ryan Leak of Chasing Failure

April 22, 2024- Parents Night Out: The Joys and Challenges of Marriage “Edutainment” by the Fish Sticks Improv Group