After thirty rewarding years of shaping young minds, including three fulfilling years teaching 4th Grade Bible and Writing at Legacy Christian Academy, Mrs. Malissa Barker will be retiring at the close of this school year. From nurturing young minds to witnessing the transformative power of faith within our school community, Mrs. Barker reflects that every moment has been profoundly fulfilling.


Mrs. Barker hopes to leave a lasting legacy as a teacher who instilled a love for learning and a deep understanding of the power of words in her students. She shared some of the ways in which her students have impacted her most through their words these past three years: “My fourth graders have been creative, entertaining, sentimental, funny, persuasive, and informative writers. They have amazed me with their talent and perseverance. Sometimes they make me laugh out loud, and other times I have to wipe away the tears when I read their honest and personal Bible responses and writing pieces. I pray that they all understand how powerful words are and that they can have a major impact for the Lord in this world through their writing.”


She is deeply grateful for the devoted support of her fourth-grade team, whose invaluable contributions have enriched her journey. She shares, “they are incredibly talented professionals who are committed to honoring God every day as Christian educators. They have planned with me, supported me, guided me, prayed with me, and cared for me. I love them like family and will always be grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to be a member of their team.”


Rachel Constantinescu, our Lower School Principal, expressed, “We are so thankful for Malissa's years of service here at Legacy. She is an exceptional writing teacher, and every year we marvel at the growth in her students. Her intentionality in pointing staff and students to Scripture has shown her commitment and alignment to our mission at Legacy.”


Kerri Thompson, Mrs. Barker's dear friend and Fourth Grade Team Lead, fondly recalls their journey together. Mrs. Thompson not only praises Mrs. Barker's teaching excellence, but also emphasizes her genuine care for her students' academic and spiritual growth, along with her contagious enthusiasm for teaching Bible class by saying, “The love, care, and dedication she has demonstrated has touched our hearts here at LCA. The icing on the cake is her love for teaching the Bible. Her excitement and the joy in her heart for leading her students through God’s Word have been inspiring. She will be missed, not only as a magnificent and talented teacher but also as a true friend.”


As Mrs. Barker embraces retirement, her focus will be on cherishing precious moments with her family. With two children, a new daughter-in-law, aging parents, a new puppy, and the anticipation of future grandchildren, Malissa Barker is eager to devote her time and love to those closest to her. Retirement hobbies will include studying the Bible, tending to her flower garden, and tutoring her great-nephew, whom she homeschooled during the 2020 Covid school year.


In bidding farewell, Mrs. Barker extends her heartfelt gratitude to the entire LCA community for their kindness, love, and unwavering support throughout her time here. Her prayer is that Legacy Christian Academy continues to flourish in its mission of advancing God's Kingdom through education. Mrs. Barker, we pray that you know the depths of our gratitude for the heart with which you have served our Fourth Grade Students and LCA.

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