Middle School

Grades 5-8


“And Jesus kept increasing in wisdom and stature,
and in favor with God and people.” Luke 2:52
(Written of 12 year old Jesus)

The Five Pillars of The Bridge

Knowledge and Wisdom
Social and Emotional
Community and Connection
Spiritual and Leadership
Sacrifice and Service

Legacy Christian Academy develops strong leaders with biblical convictions who are equipped to succeed in college and beyond.

The role of the Middle School is to fulfill this mission in partnership with Christian parents as we are discipling students to Know, Love, and Obey Jesus Christ.   

During these years students are going through a transformation of their mind and body. They are one person when they enter 5th grade and a completely different person when they leave 8th grade.  The Bridge is designed to help students navigate through these changes. 



The Legacy Christian Academy Statement of Faith and Core Values is the foundation of The Bridge.  We have identified five areas as the supporting pillars.  The pillars are built and strengthened with intentional academic and spiritual programming, objectives, and a Godly staff.  All five pillars work together to fulfill the mission. 

As a partner with Legacy Christian Academy, here is what you can expect on your student’s journey on The Bridge.  

Passionate and Engaged Teachers

At Legacy Christian Academy, teachers understand that they have been called to ministry. Our teachers are passionate about “knowing your child, loving your child and preparing your child”.  Teachers on The Bridge engage and inspire their students to reach their full potential.  The most common compliments from students have been about the relationships their teachers forged with them. These relationships have supported our students during their years at Legacy and well into their adult years. 

Strong Academics

Utilizing 21st century research-based instructional methods that support student learning our academically challenging environment recognizes that each student is uniquely gifted with different strengths and abilities. The focus is on the reward of learning and encouraging students to give their personal best as they are well prepared for the transition to Upper School. 

Honors Programs

Honor courses are designed to meet the needs of students demonstrating advanced intellectual abilities in a given content area. Honor courses will provide students opportunities to explore content at a more rigorous academic level, pace, and depth of complexity. Evidence of the differences of learning opportunities will be clearly demonstrated in the depth of complexity within projects, individualization of assignments and ongoing assessment of intellectual curiosity.

Fine Arts 

The Fine Arts provide a creative space for our students to express their ideas and emotions. Instructors support their growth while students build foundational skills that will help them pursue excellence in their craft for the Glory of God.

Middle school students can choose to explore Studio Art, Digital Art, Band, Theater and Worship/Vocal Arts. 


Through athletics we can mold character. Tough competition in the athletic arena is a training ground for life in a tough, competitive world. At Legacy, we use athletics to mold the student’s character to reflect the character of Christ. 

We offer a variety of activities including Cheer Teams, Football, Volleyball, Cross-Country, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, and Track. Please visit the athletics page of our website to learn more about how your family can get involved with our Fighting Eagles programs. 

Foreign Languages

Our Spanish course is designed to help students develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in the Spanish language, and to expose the student to the different cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Students are introduced to various aspects of Hispanic culture in Latin American countries and in Spain through different types of media, which may include historical, social, and cultural topics. A wide variety of methods and techniques will be used to reach, motivate, and challenge each student.

Our Latin program is designed to engage students in multiple academic disciplines using the Latin language as a foundation for discussion.  The study of Latin provides a comprehensive introduction to language, literature, culture, and worldview through examining the influences of Ancient Rome. Students engage with the nature of language, learning how vocabulary and grammar work to form and communicate ideas, enhancing their English verbal skills and vocabulary through learning Latin word roots, and building confidence as critical thinkers, readers, and speakers. Students also have the opportunity to earn recognition on the National Latin Exam. 

Co-Curricular Student Programs

Along with our academics, fine arts, and athletic programs, we have developed several co-curricular student programs that further build and strengthen each pillar.  These programs exist to provide intentional, organized methods to engage students through discipleship, worship, life skills, intentional community connection, and service opportunities.  

These programs include:


We may all know about God but can we say we know God? We may have all heard about Jesus but is it possible that we have never heard Jesus? The invitation from Jesus to “Come and See” is as real today as it was when He first spoke it. 

Through inspiring music and engaging speakers Chapel on The Bridge serves to give our students the opportunity each month to hear God’s word, to worship together, and to be inspired to Know, Love, and Obey Jesus Christ.  We believe in this generation and are watching God use them to change the climate of faith around the globe.  


A special event on the first two days of school to kickstart the new year where students will be encouraged, challenged, and equipped to receive Christ’s invitation to “Come and See” Him.  When we accept Christ’s invitation, it has the power to IGNITE our life, giving us purpose and power that we never thought possible! 

Sessions include engaging worship and communicators who set students up for powerful conversations in their Squads, and Families.      

House, Squads, and Families

Our House program is distinctive to The Bridge.  All students are sorted and placed in 1 of 4 House’s for the entirety of their Middle School years.  During the year the 4 House’s compete for the much desired House Cup via athletic competition, academic excellence, service, spirit, and participation.  

Within each House students are assigned to a Squad, a small group of same gender, same grade level students who will meet at least once a week for their 4 years in Middle School to discuss challenging topics, current struggles and needs.  

Additionally, older Squads are paired with younger Squads to create Families within each House.  These Families provide opportunity for leadership and mentorship among our students. 

Our House, Squad, and Families programs are designed to build community, connection, and a sense of belonging not only within each grade level but also across the Middle School.

LCA You 

On The Bridge education means so much more than academic growth,  we strive to prepare your students socially and emotionally as well. Our LCA You program consists of classes taught at each grade level in the areas of mental health, personal relationships, technology safety,  diversity, self and other awareness.  Through our LCA You program students will develop a greater understanding of who they are, and will gain the skills necessary to navigate the challenges of their social and emotional world. 

Community Time

Each day students will have Community Time.  Throughout the week these are 20 minute sessions in the mornings where students will have a variety of programs that further strengthen the pillars on The Bridge. 

    • Day One:  On the first day of each week, Community Time is set aside for teachers and students to have a personal devotional time with God. Students use the time to read their Bibles at their own pace, pray about whatever the Holy Spirit lays on their hearts, express gratitude toward God for all he is and has done, and write encouragement cards for their peers. They are provided the guidance and supplies they need to make the time as fruitful as possible. 
    • LCA You Minis: As part of our LCA You program these shorter sessions are intentionally designed to deal with current topics and/or skills and knowledge to assist students in navigating these important development years.  From tech safety to conflict management each session becomes a valuable tool for your family. 
  • Squad Time: An opportunity every Wednesday for the Squads to meet together to promote community and connection.  It is during this time that our Families will periodically meet together for a time of mentorship.  
  • WIN: What – I – Need.  WIN provides students with an opportunity to do an academic self check.  Under the guidance of a teacher, students will log into their schoology account, check their grades, and determine areas that need extra attention.  The students will be allowed during this time to check in with various teachers as needed.  WIN time is designed to help the students develop the habits of self monitoring and management. 
  • Flex Days: Every Friday we will have extended Community Time.  This time includes our Chapels, large LCA You sessions, House activities and school wide Pep Rallies. 

Knowtice Others

Middle school is notoriously known for being a time when students feel unseen and lost in the crowd. On The Bridge we have set forth the initiative, Knowtice (Know + Notice) Others. Christ was intentional in knowing the story of others, inviting them to be a part of His world and changing their lives.

It is our desire to get to know the history, strengths, struggles, and heart of each student and to teach and inspire them to be intentional about Knowticing their classmates. It is our prayer to raise up a generation of students that Knowtice others and leave an impact for Jesus Christ as they live for Him. Knowtice others, change a life.

Class Trips

Our overnight trips each year are designed to enhance the students academic experience as well as continue to develop community and connection.   Parents are asked to commit to going as chaperones on these trips.  As well as assisting in the supervision, the presence of our parents advances our culture of family community.  Educational, spiritually uplifting, and an exciting fun filled experience for everyone.  Our trips include:

  • Sky Ranch:  A 5th Grade science trip to the Christian camp Sky Ranch in Van, Texas.  This 3 day trip takes place in the Spring gives the students a hands-on learning experience in nature as well as some fun games and activities at camp.   
  • The Ark Encounter:   A trip to see Noah’s Ark at the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum in Williamstown, Kentucky engages our students to see the reality of creation and how uniquely designed we are by God.  Our 6th Grade trip takes place in the Fall and our 7th Grade trip takes place in the Spring. 
  • Foundations of our Nation: This week-long trip to Virginia and Washington DC in the Spring takes our 8th grade students on a journey through the founding of our nation.  Visiting these historical sites reminds us of the sacrifices made to create One Nation under God. 

Missions Trip 

March is Missions Month and there is no shortage of opportunities for participation on The Bridge.  One of the great opportunities for our 7th and 8th grade students is our Helping Hands to Houston trip.  The students will spend the week before Spring Break working with Praying Pelicans Ministries and local churches as they serve in a soup kitchen, food bank, and local families to assist with their needs.  This is a volunteer opportunity for both the students and the parents. 

Service Projects

During Missions Month, all grade levels will participate in our annual food drive for Grace Bridge that assists North Dallas families in need.  All 7th and 8th graders who are not on the mission trip will serve in local missions opportunities and our 5th and 6th graders will have the opportunity to serve others through local programs.  

A Community and Partner for Your Family 

Thank you for considering Legacy Christian Academy and The Bridge as your educational partner during these important years of development in middle school.  We appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you how our community can serve your family.  

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