It’s the most exciting time of year, cheer tryouts are right around the corner! Tryouts are both physically and emotionally challenging but we want each candidate to feel comfortable and confident as they enter the gym. 

Tryout Clinic
The tryout clinic lasts 3 days, each day is an hour and a half. During the clinic candidates will learn the tryout material which consists of jumps, chants, one or more dances, and stunting. The material does vary by age group, and high school candidates will have more material to learn than middle school. Mastering the tryout material is key to executing it during the actual tryout. 

On the first day of the clinic, candidates will draw a number to determine the tryout order. The numbers will also be assigned to perform a group routine at the end of each individual tryout. Candidates are encouraged to practice both individually and as a group as much as possible to take advantage of this group assignment and work together to ensure the best performance for everyone.

5 tips to help you get ready for tryouts:

1. Prepare

– Come to the tryout clinic and to tryouts prepared. Be prepared to work hard, learn a lot, give it all you’ve got. Prepare your body and mind ahead of time so that you perform your best every day. Physically prepare your body – you will need to know the material and be conditioned. Although the tryout in and of itself is only 3 minutes, it is an action-packed three minutes that is challenging mentally as well as physically. You need to be ready to execute your skills confidently and cleanly, all with excellent showmanship.

2. Be Poised

– Tryout week can be emotionally and mentally draining. Remember to be poised and confident that you will have a successful week. Believing that you can do this is the first step to making it happen. Remember Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Keep in mind that you are not performing for those in front of you, ultimately you are performing for the Lord and you are using the gifts He has given you to glorify Him.


3. Pay Attention

– Details are critical during the tryout process. Pay attention to all of the big and little things – they will make a difference. The tiniest detail in your motions, jumps, or even your facial expressions matter, so be sure to pay close attention to these things.


4. Practice

– It is critical that every candidate practice what they learn every day during the clinic. Practice in the mirror, practice in front of your family, practice your showmanship and your precision as much as you can. Maximizing your practice time will help you when it comes time to perform in front of the judges. Spend time watching yourself in the mirror and evaluate your motions, dance, and jumps. Record yourself and review it. This type of self-evaluation can bring great improvement. Get in front of a group of people so that you know what it feels like to perform in front of others. Practice everything the way you would perform it – go all out.


5. Perform

– When you enter the gym for your tryout, be aware that you are on the stage from the minute you walk in the door. Be present, have fun, show your spirit, and shine! Leave it all on the mat and know that God has given you everything you need to be successful.

Cheer tryouts are exciting, fun, and, yes, stressful. There is a lot to learn in a short amount of time. It is physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing for a lot of people (and we are not just talking about the candidates!) Make no mistake, cheerleaders are athletes. More importantly, they are spirited leaders in the LCA community and are role models for our younger Eagles. Be confident, be proud, show your love of Legacy, and Bring. It. On. 

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