To kick off the Christmas season, our littlest Eagles embarked on an exciting adventure as they chased a renegade Gingerbread Man throughout the school.

A favorite annual tradition, the PK4 and TK students began the adventure by helping Mrs. McCollum put the gingerbread cookies into the oven then read the story of the Gingerbread Man while they cooked. But when they went to check on the cookies… THEY WERE GONE! The students then proceeded to chase the Gingerbread Man throughout the school as he wreaked havoc wherever he went.

The Gingerbread Man watched Christmas movies on Mr. Murphy's laptop, flipped over chairs in the front office, read books in Mrs. Luddeke's room, climbed from the lights hanging in Mrs. Blake's room, and set up his own obstacle course in the gym. Of course, as the students followed in his destructive wake, their helpfulness was on display as they were eager to help clean up his messes!

Finally, the students discovered the cookies awaiting them in their classrooms, ready to be devoured for a delicious snack. Upon finding the cookies, Dr. Brewer, Pre-K 4 teacher, gently explained to the students that this was just a fun game and a pretend story. But when she asked her class if the Bible was pretend or true, they confidently yelled that the Bible was always TRUE!

What a great way to kick off December!