Why did you choose Legacy?
Before considering a tour of a private Christian academy, we were driven by the desire to nurture our most precious resource and to put her into an environment that focused on academic excellence as well as developing the person along the way.  In addition, our daughter has a summer birthday so we were interested in looking at options where she could be in a smaller classroom with more personalized attention.  We signed up for a tour and Nicole McGlasson made a huge impression on us — she let Riley hold her keys and lead the way on the tour.  Riley was in heaven! Once we saw the Kindergarten classes and spoke with one of the teachers, learned about the character traits and how they are taught, shown how the Bible was integrated into the whole day, and how the educational experience, with a foundation in faith, advanced through the upper school, it was a done deal!

riley hocoWas there anything specific about Legacy that influenced your decision?
When we walked into Legacy for our first tour, we loved the feel of the school, the work and art in the hallways, and the smiling faces that greeted us.  While we both went to public school and believed in being the salt of the earth, we knew we wanted Riley to thrive in an environment that believed what we believed and taught what we taught at home.  The small-town community feel was an added bonus that we are beyond grateful for.

What advice would you give families who are considering LCA?
Take a tour! Nothing is better than seeing it in person.  We tell our friends who ask us about Legacy to tour only if they are willing to write the check!  For us as a family, we wanted to provide something special for our child – something that was different than what you see in the world as a whole.  The vision of the school is evident when you see the classrooms, hallways, teachers, and students – and this vision met the desire that we had for a special experience for our child.  Pray about your decision as a family and visit other schools – you will be able to see the Legacy difference.

If you could go back in time and give yourself advice about enrolling at LCA, what would you say?
Take it one year at a time and see what's best for your child and family.  We are so fortunate that Legacy offers so many options for our family at this time that something should work for everyone.  And get involved right off the bat – meet other families and attend the PTF events.  Being part of the LCA community is a huge perk!

cheer with varsityHow has LCA helped your children thrive?
The environment is so warm and inviting.  Being a little one and having the Upper School students pray and play with you means the world to them.  The interactions between Upper and Lower Schools is so meaningful as the Upper School students are encouragers and wonderful examples to the Lower School students.  To place our child in an environment where she can make quality friends and have an example of godly character from older students is very special for us as parents, as it is another positive influence that we can place in her life.  

We have been so blessed to have the teachers we have had.  They have been a wonderful fit for Riley and we feel like they were handpicked for her.  Not only has she grown academically, but she has grown emotionally and spiritually, and has gained so much confidence.  We feel like her teachers really go out of their way to make the students feel special and loved.  The quality of the teachers and their attitude towards their mission (to grow the student academically and spiritually) as well as the smaller class sizes are a real differentiator.  Even when we see staff outside of school, their bright smiles and embraces just light up Riley's face. Riley baptism Riley was recently baptized and all 4 of her teachers came to rejoice with us. That says everything about the special experience that Legacy provides.  The teachers care and pour everything into their students even when they aren't in their classrooms anymore. And then there are the specials teachers who share their God-given gifts with our children. You really can't beat it!

How has Legacy lived up to your expectations?
While academics are important, her spiritual and emotional growth is just as important to us.  We wanted her to grow up saying the pledge of allegiance, praying, and learning about God and how to follow his word.  Legacy has exceeded our expectations.  Her knowledge of the Bible, spiritual maturity, and her growing friendships have been a blessing to us all.  In addition, the relationships that we have built with other Legacy families have been special to our family.

Legacy Christian Academy is Frisco's preeminent Pre-K through 12 Christian school committed to educating students in a college preparatory environment balanced in academics, athletics, and fine arts–all within the context of a biblical worldview. For more information on Legacy, visit our admissions page.