Why did you choose Legacy?  I received a call from LCA because Andrew Embry passed my name along to Jody Capehart, LCA Founder. God had originally called me to teach in inner-city schools and I did early in my career. I wanted to make a difference in kids' lives like teachers and coaches had made a difference in mine. Then, after staying home and raising kids, and teaching in the private school realm I was exposed to teaching from a classical perspective and with a Biblical worldview. When LCA called, my heart jumped at the chance to be able to teach students science in a classical way that would come alive, have relevance, and secure their foundation in the Bible as Truth in a world that would oppose intelligent design. Our youngest was in elementary at the time and it was a great opportunity to firm up his foundation as well. LCA has remained committed to keeping that at the very center of everything it does.

I am most passionate about teaching students in a way that jumps off the page, that is relevant, that teaches them to solve problems with creativity and that guthmann classultimately provides them evidence that God is the Creator of the Universe. I love teaching my students that science is more than just words in a book, or on a computer screen, or in a flowery display of curricular jargon, but that it is a means to explore and apply principles in real-time that they can use in their everyday lives. I love lab and STEM days the best. It is always fun to see kids marvel at seeing the way things happen or solving a problem with a successful outcome. I love seeing light bulbs go off when they answer a question they have wondered about all of their lives, but never thought to ask why? At Legacy, it is all about relationships with people. The curriculum is simply the means of making those more meaningful connections so students can realize God's purpose for their lives.

Was there anything specific about Legacy that influenced your decision? The very first meeting with Jody Capehart in her office was warm and inviting. Within the first five minutes, she got a call regarding a father in the school who had been in a skateboarding accident and was in a coma. We stopped amidst the interview and got on our knees and prayed. The Holy Spirit moved my heart in a way that was powerful. I knew the Lord was at the center of the foundation of this school. I knew our family would be covered by a praying body. Monty Page, LCA soccer coach, was that father and he and his kids are like family to Bruce and I and our kids to this day. He is a walking miracle. And little did we know that we would face breast cancer, hip surgeries, and emergencies in the years to come. But, God knew. . . and LCA enveloped us as an extension to our church with prayers, meals, care of our kids, and love to pull us through it.

guthmann & teachersWhat advice would you give families who are considering LCA?  LCA provides a well rounded educational and extracurricular experience that creates friendships, a network, and provides tools to help students navigate through life in college and beyond. When you make a decision for LCA, you will find a body of Christ who will guide and teach your children with a Biblical worldview woven into each subject and extracurricular activity. You will find staff who are willing to work with you and your children in a manner consistent with Biblical principles. God has called me to participate in supporting what Legacy represents, by being part of a vibrant Christ-centered staff, through teaching science from a Biblical worldview. He has called me to pay it forward by mentoring others, discipling students, and learning from them along the way.

If you could go back in time and give yourself advice about enrolling at LCA, what would you say? I would praise God for leading me here. Bruce and I have lifelong friendships established here, our children have benefitted from those relationships, and I have been able to realize a dream of doing what I feel God created me to do and that is to teach. I teach 8th Grade Physical Science. I am part of a great and fun middle school staff whom I am blessed to call my friends.

How has LCA helped your children thrive?  LCA has provided an excellent education for our youngest son, Lane, who attended LCA since third grade and is now graduating with his Master's degree from Mays Business School at Texas A&M University. He has benefitted from a strong foundation in academics from his elementary teachers Mrs. Mayberry, Mrs. Watts, Mrs. Bellue, and Mrs. Loe. And later he grew in standing firm in his faith through excellent Bible teachers who he was blessed to have in both Mr. Littleton brothers, Coach Welch, Coach Hardage, and Mr. Glenn. Mrs. Beck and Mrs. Hanna launched him in Math which enabled him to be accepted into Texas A&M's business school. Mrs. Housley, Mr. Heaton, Mrs. Bauers, and Mrs. Bixler revolutionized his ability to write and study. Dr. Stone helped him to connect history and current events. Mr. Branch and Mr. Preble helped him conquer science. Leslie Bales and Rhonda Jones encouraged him like second Moms. Coach McCollum valued his grit and taught him lessons in being a young man in sports. Mr. Mosley helped to guide him through high school. Coach Embry and LCA Coaches instilled a love for sports and running that is still a healthy outlet for him today. Mrs. Clark refined his love for music and singing. Our two oldest kids, Lauren and Landen, were called to make a difference at Frisco High School, but LCA's Daniel Townsley went the extra mile by providing them guidance counseling and helping them plan a course to get into Texas A&M University, where they both have since graduated and are established in successful careers. Bruce and I are forever grateful for everyone who has invested time in our family.

How has Legacy lived up to your expectations? I was concerned that I would find legalistic Christians working here and what I found were people on staff and the many families associated with LCA who are just regular people going through life together who want the very best for their children and families. Legacy has exceeded my expectations in providing a strong educational resource with a Biblical worldview. Legacy was an excellent partner in helping us to “train up our kids in the way they should go” and reinforcing our family values. The things I love the most about teaching and working at LCA are the relationships we build with families, each other, and our students. It is highly rewarding and humbling to hear from students years later that God used you to influence their lives by teaching them long term skills that stuck and helped them succeed in college and beyond.

Legacy Christian Academy is Frisco's preeminent Pre-K through 12 Christian school committed to educating students in a college preparatory environment balanced in academics, athletics, and fine arts–all within the context of a biblical worldview. For more information on Legacy, visit our admissions page.