What did you get as a student at Legacy that you couldn't get somewhere else? At Legacy, I received a biblical, Christian education that I probably wouldn’t have received anywhere else. Legacy created the foundation of faith I needed as I headed off to college. They do not just provide knowledge, but pour into your personal walk with the Lord. I learned about the different worldviews and religions around us in the 6th grade, which gave me a heart for apologetics and planted the seed of pursuing ministry. These skills were sharpened as I joined school Bible studies and got involved in leadership positions. Everything Legacy does is founded on a belief in Jesus, and I am so thankful to have grown up in an environment where I was taught that Jesus is the center so that I could carry that with me past graduation.

When you look back on your time at Legacy, what made the biggest impact on you? The biggest impact Legacy had on my life was in the form of relationships. Legacy was never just a building for me, it was home. My mom, Sheryl Beck, has taught there for 19 years. My grandmother, Marilyn Beck, taught piano. Both my brothers and I grew up learning, playing, and sometimes running, through the halls of LCA. We were there early before school started, and stayed late after car lines were long gone. All that to say, a big part of my life was founded and developed at Legacy, and I am better for it. Beck Family PhotoMy teachers built relationships with me that have lasted far beyond my graduation. Megan Hanna and Toni Thrash led my high school Bible study group for 4 years. Christy Williams and Debbi Lippert, my Legacy volleyball coaches, have stayed connected with me; we still grab lunch and occasionally workout together. Jorge Uribe and I are still best buddies, and many staff members have become close friends of our family over the years. Legacy is a place I love returning to because the relationships that were cultivated were not just a pretty picture, they were sincere, and continue to be genuine even after grade school.

Where did you see God move while at Legacy? I saw God move in the hearts of teachers, as they loved and poured into us. My teachers at Legacy cared about me. I wasn’t just another student, but someone they wanted to see blossom into the young lady God created me to be. Looking back, I think I took for granted the joy of walking through the halls and feeling loved by everyone in them.

beck volleyballWhat did you love most during your time at LCA? I loved my volleyball team! Playing sports with a Christian foundation makes all the difference. We have the same mind in that we want to win, but we also care for each other like family and learn more about God, Christlike character, and humility in the process.

Megan Beck EngagedHow has Legacy prepared you for life beyond your education? Legacy prepared me academically and spiritually. While others struggled to adjust to the workload of college, I felt very prepared and like I could handle It, and that is directly connected to the intentionality of Legacy’s teachers to both challenge and equip us as students so that we were prepared for the next stage of learning. Spiritually, my faith was deepened through a greater understanding of the Bible and accountability in my actions. Legacy holds its students to a higher standard, and that expectation has stayed with me and allowed me to achieve more, stay closer to God, and further from sin.

What would you tell a student or family who is considering LCA? I would tell a family considering LCA to get to know the staff and see the heart and vision behind our school. Legacy wants to serve its community, and I hope your kids are able to experience the same heart and joy that I have in this Christ-centered school.

Legacy Christian Academy is Frisco's preeminent Pre-K through 12 Christian school committed to educating students in a college preparatory environment balanced in academics, athletics, and fine arts–all within the context of a biblical worldview. For more information on Legacy, visit our admissions page.