Rohnan Mech first considered coming to Legacy as a freshman after competing against LCA in athletics. Now a senior and Eagles Varsity Soccer Co-Captain, Rohnan, has found his home at Legacy, both on and off the field. 

Which clubs and organizations are you involved in on campus?

I have been involved in Varsity Soccer for 3 years, LEAD Legacy for 2 year, this year as a Co-Chair, Principal Advisory Council, NHS, and was involved in Track for 1 year.

Why did you decide to come to Legacy? If you're a lifer, or weren't involved in the decision to enroll at LCA, what would you tell some considering LCA?:

I came to Legacy because of the great reputation it has. I was looking for a new school and had considered Legacy after frequently playing against teams from LCA. The athletes at LCA were always such nice people while also being really competitive. When you match robust athletics, strong academics, a beautiful campus and amazing teachers you get Legacy! I am so glad I made the choice to give Legacy a try!

What do you love most about Legacy?:

I love how much everyone here on campus cares for and loves one another. From the teachers and support staff, to the coaches and students, everyone truly wants to see you excel. I haven’t been somewhere where the whole team is pulling for you from the start and that’s what LCA does. Legacy has been such a wonderful blessing these last 3 years and I will 1000% miss it next year.

Which class do you like the most and why?:

There are so many great classes at LCA but there are two that stick out to me. The Christian Mind, taught by Coach Hardage was a fantastic class that was all about reacting to worldly issues in a Christian way and with a Christian perspective. Coach Hardage’s class definitely left a big impact on me. Another is Government/Economics with Coach Kilpatrick. He’s such a great guy and I find myself learning all sorts of things whenever I’m in there. He makes both subjects interesting and fun to discuss and he has been a real blessing for me this year.

What has been the best thing that has happened to you at Legacy?:

The best thing that has happened to me at Legacy was joining the soccer team. I will remember each and every teammate I had here at LCA for the rest of my life. So many memories were made on Comstock Field, on the bus, or just playing together as a family. I have loved and soaked up every second and I just can’t believe it’s time to say goodbye. I’m just happy my time on the team culminated in us making the State Championship. While it did not end how we wanted it to, we had a fantastic season, and one I will remember forever.

Where have you seen God move while at Legacy?:

God moves everywhere at Legacy. From the soccer field with Coach Page, to the gym with Coach Johnson, our athletes here at LCA are pushed not just to be competitive on the court or field, but also to be champions for Christ. In the classroom, teachers constantly reference and connect Scripture to the material and I find myself becoming more and more passionate about the Lord through basic things like History or English.

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