To kick off the first full week of school, the Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) hosted the annual New Mom Hi Tea at Stonebriar Country Club. It was a great opportunity for new moms to meet one another and also offered a chance to meet members of the PTF Board and the Legacy Leadership Team.

Lisa Hutchinson, PTF Ministry, opened the event in prayer and expressed her gratitude at having time together. She reiterated that every family at Legacy is being prayed for throughout the entire school year. The community has a sense of closeness that is heartfelt and we have a commitment to continue to grow that culture, through prayer and fellowship. When speaking of the atmosphere, she shared;

“There is a joy. As soon as you walk in the door you detect something special about the school.”

Karin Proctor, PTF President, introduced the members of the PTF Board that were present. It is always nice to be able to associate a face with the names of all the people behind the scenes on the PTF. She noted that the annual Hi Tea event is a great way for the school to draw the community closer together. The event is truly enjoyable and it is fun to see the new moms engaging with one another as they share in this experience of becoming part of the Legacy family.

Bill McGee, LCA Head of School, introduced the members of the Legacy Leadership Team that were present and then shared his remarks. Mr. McGee's message was encouraging and challenging all the same. He spoke of the power of words, noting that prayer is our primary weapon against those who would try to divide the body of Christ. With the prevalence of social media, it has become easier to gossip and use offensive language without much recourse. He reminded the parents to be mindful of their tongues – even in the most mundane of circumstances – like being frustrated while in the car line. Children see and hear everything and will emulate their elders. Set a good example and remember that we have a spirit that is more powerful and we should use it to influence our children positively.