It seems only natural that two ladies that are both runners would pioneer a fun-run event here at Legacy. Laps of Love was the brainchild of Lisa Liberis and Michelle Taunton, who got their start volunteering at the school. These amazing ladies have partnered in the planning and development of this event since its inception in 2011. They have truly poured their hearts and soles (run pun) into Laps. Their efforts have proven fruitful not only for Legacy, but now for outside organizations as well, from Texas Scottish Rite Hospital to Cornerstone Kitchen and Cornerstone Academy. Lisa has even sponsored the t-shirts for the event through her family's New Balance business. It was a seamless partnership for her to incorporate her own business with this fun-run event.
Deanna Carpenter, Chief Development Officer at Legacy had this to say:

On behalf of Legacy, we would like to give special thanks to Lisa Liberis and Michelle Taunton for their faithful servant hearts to lead Laps of Love for over 7 years. This annual event has helped raise nearly $300,000 that has benefited Legacy, Texas Scottish Rite and Cornerstone Kitchen and Academy. We could not do this without all of our supportive parents, grandparents, and friends of Legacy, so thank you. We look forward to another successful year next year and are excited to work with the new chairmen, Jennifer Justice and Heather Davis. We thank them for their efforts helping this year and are excited they will use their love and passion for Legacy in serving to lead this event and continue the legacy of two outstanding Godly ladies, Lisa and Michelle.”

Pictured from left to right are Heather Davis, Jennifer Justice, Lisa Liberis and Michelle Taunton.

Lisa has been married to her husband James for 20 years. Together they have two girls, Alexandra, a junior, and a seventh grader, Priscilla. Michelle and her husband Todd have been married nearly 24 years and also have two girls, junior Bryn, and Heidi, 7th grade. With Michelle and Lisa both having girls entering their senior year, it was an ideal time for them to exit the Laps stage and turn their focus to their families. After faithfully and exuberantly serving for the past seven years, Lisa and Michelle are excited to transition over to a new team to lead the Laps of Love event into the future. They each have fond memories of spearheading this event over the last seven years. Lisa recalls reading the donation slips from the kids and seeing how some of those sweet students went so far as to donate literally their last dime from their piggy bank for the cause. Michelle reflects on her visit with the students at Cornerstone Academy.

It opened my eyes to what real life is for some other people. Because their real life isn't like our real life. It's harder…just learning some of their stories. One of the students walks eight miles to get to school every day and for some of them, the only meal they have is there at lunch.”

This is a sobering reality but is just another reason why it is imperative for those of us who are so blessed to be able to give back by way of support through the Laps of Love event here at Legacy.
Michelle and Lisa have certainly had a great run but it is time for them to pass the torch. Heather Davis and Jennifer Justice are eager to take the reins and lead this event into the future. Jennifer will celebrate her 19th anniversary with her husband TJ in November. They have a son Jensen who is in kindergarten. She loves all things athletic and so is perfectly suited for the Laps event. Heather has been married to her husband Jason for 18 years. They have two sons, Jayden, who is in 2nd grade, and Micah who is in 5th grade. She loves spending time at Legacy and is ever-present throughout the halls. She has so much fun helping out and remarked she is grateful for the fact that “God has blessed me with so much joy from volunteering and doing the hard work.” Jennifer and Heather are truly a dynamic duo as they will not only lead the Laps event but are also the Teacher Appreciation chairs for the coming year. We look forward to seeing what these two talented and energetic ladies will bring to the school.

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