Why did you choose Legacy?  We were called to Christian education in our home. It was important for us to see the school, and any other endeavors our children had while young and impressionable, as an extension of our home. The integrated biblical worldview, the emphasized value of character and discipleship in faculty and students, and the encouraged involvement of missions and the local church body were, and continue to be, paramount factors in our choice for Legacy.

Kinder Graduation AbbinkWas there anything specific about Legacy that influenced your decision?  In our first years at Legacy, all grades shared the lower campus. As the mom, I wasn’t sure how I felt about my babies sharing a building, hallways, and parking lots with teenagers, driving teenagers. I’ll never forget the first time one of those “teenagers” came into my preschooler’s class for the first time. This football player, who happened to be the star quarterback and a flutist in the marching band, was the topic of choice for my 5-year-old son’s conversations. We would run into him at Sports clips and the grocery store. We would come to Friday night football games just to watch him play. My son would draw his pictures and look for him in the hallways. Now it is my son’s turn to be that for another little kid. I believe we call that “Legacy.”

What advice would you give families who are considering LCA?  Legacy is an investment. The budget may be tighter and the extras list for the home and vacations shorter, but you’ll not regret the investment. Commit and trust that God will bless your investment.

If you could go back in time and give yourself advice about enrolling at LCA, what would you say?  Don’t expect Legacy to do your job as a parent. Legacy is meant to complement the primary discipleship in the home. When done together it’s a beautiful relationship.

Senior Graduation AbbinkHow has LCA helped your children thrive?  Each of our kids is known and feel cared for by the people of Legacy. It has encouraged a sense of confidence, belonging, and participation, much like our family and church body. In turn, our kids care about the community of Legacy. As a family, we sincerely pray for and pursue the people at Legacy.

How has Legacy lived up to your expectations?  Over the years, we have not been happy with every choice and change. But as with a family, you work through it because you are committed. We are committed to Legacy and feel Legacy is committed to us. May God bless LCA!

Legacy Christian Academy is Frisco's preeminent Pre-K through 12 Christian school committed to educating students in a college preparatory environment balanced in academics, athletics, and fine arts–all within the context of a biblical worldview. For more information on Legacy, visit our admissions page.