Below is a post shared to social media by our very own alum from the Class of 2017, Jacob Crawford, who is currently a student at Texas A&M. This post demonstrates the passion, empathy, and spiritual maturity students at Legacy develop throughout their studies. We are pleased to share his reflection with our community.


Thursday, December 6, 2018


Today was quite a special day; not necessarily determined by the continuation of the physical life, but by the passing of it. As a student at Texas A&M University and a citizen of the United States of America, I had the opportunity to witness the procession of Former President George H. W. Bush. Such a memorable ceremony that will be forever burned in my memory. Although it was not willed that I was alive during his time in office, it is almost more inspiring having not been. Sometimes hearing stories of the impact of one man's life and seeing the remains of his inspiration being lived out through the actions of others is more impactful than seeing the man work himself. It seems as if everyone who came in contact with “41” left with a piece of his compassion, humor, and kind leadership ability to pass along to the next one in need. The impact of this man's life flowed through not just hearing stories told of him and his character, but through the imitation of that character as thousands of citizens stood along the tracks to honor and remember his life here on earth.


As we stood among the thousands of Aggies and out-of-towners, it was amazing to see the unity that circumvented all of our differences to gather together under one common remembrance. This concept has grown increasingly distant as the younger generations continue to move away from what is negatively connotated as “old-fashioned.” But yet, everyone became silent when the horn of the train sounded in the distance, everyone removed their covers in passing of the motorcade, and everyone stood in reverence when the “missing man” pulled up and disappeared into the clouds. We were proud Americans in that moment, standing in remembrance of a great husband, father, serviceman, and Commander in Chief.


On Monday, Dec 3, I picked up a copy of The Battalion (the campus newspaper) to read before my 8-am. The front page stated “A Point of Light” with a picture of “41” below and my favorite quote of his “Let future generations understand the burden and the blessings of freedom. Let them say we stood where duty required us to stand.” Today we “stood where duty required us to stand” in remembrance of his life. I urge you to do the same. I also urge you to “understand the burden and the blessings of [spiritual] freedom” and stand where our faithful “duty require[s] us to stand” in obedience to our King, Christ Jesus.


Rest in peace George H. W. Bush
Jacob Crawford
LCA Class of 2017

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