Madeleine Hines is well on her way as an artist — her work has already been published four times and has received honors at district competitions. Now, she’s been named one of the top ten artists from the 10,000 entries in the Celebrating Art contest.

A view from above as Madeleine Hines, Legacy Christian Academy 8th grade art student, works on her award-winning clay projectThe contest attracts entries from students throughout the United States. From them, 3,000 pieces are selected for publication, of which 100 earn a High Merit designation for being in the top 1 percent. Ten students in each age group are then named to the National Top Ten.

Madeleine says she feels humbled and grateful that God gave her such an opportunity. It brings us so much joy that God has given Madeleine passion for something that she can enjoy doing throughout her entire life,” said her parents, Sherry and Stephen Hines.

This latest honor required work and overwhelming detail: Madeleine’s art teacher, Mrs. Mayberry, estimates that she spent some 70 hours refining her award-winning clay painting, Garden Home. Her parents say she “poured her heart into the creative process and small details.”

Sherry says her daughter has been drawing and creating since she was quite young. Once Madeleine finds a subject of interest, she works tirelessly to practice and improve. Mr. and Mrs. Hines are thankful for the artistic education Legacy has provided for their daughter. They are especially grateful to Mrs. Mayberry, for her patience and training during Madeleine’s Middle School years

LCA 8th Grade art student Madeleine Hines piece Garden Home was inspired by Monet’s The Artist’s Garden in Argenteuil:The inspiration for Garden Home was Monet’s The Artist’s Garden in Argenteuil: Madeleine loved its intricacy and says she appreciated the challenge the piece would offer. She was given basic colors of clay to use, but had the freedom to mix and create new colors. She used her hands to form the clay into shapes — “art enables people to use their hands to create something that is dear to their heart,” she says — and utilized tools to create sharp lines and texture.

Madeleine says she enjoys the creative freedom that art class offers, and the opportunity to try new, challenging works that help her improve and grow as an artist. She attributes her success in part to Mrs. Mayberry’s guidance, but, she says, “I also spend time almost every day drawing or creating some kind of art at home.”

And now Madeleine is among the best artists — nationwide — in her age group.

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