This year, 14 seniors of voting age excitedly participated in the 57th presidential election. Government teacher, Mrs. Grubbs, and English teacher, Mrs. Bowers, took the seniors on November 2nd to vote. They were split up with Collin County residents voting at the Frisco Senior Center and Denton County residents voting at the local fire station. As the students walked into the Senior Center to vote, they were welcomed by the poll workers' applause and were encouraged to see such young citizens using the political voice given to them.

At the Collin County Frisco Senior Center, the students met a WWII veteran working the polls and stood with him in the picture seen above. He encouraged the students to be respectful of the United States and was impressed to see Upper School Seniors voting.

“It was cool voting as a senior. It made me feel important.”

-Senior, Nick Dolanski

The students enjoyed talking with the senior citizens at the center along with voting for the first time. Emily Watts said that she enjoyed being able to “participate in such a monumental election” and use her “vote to make a difference”.

This is a unique experience that Legacy Christian Academy offers to their Upper School students, encouraging them to exercise their right to vote. The government class has had an exciting year, following the two candidates and their campaign trail along with their debates. Legacy Upper School is proud to offer a space for students to work out their political opinions, through discussion and study in a Christian environment.

– Written by Senior Communications Interns

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