Most 16-year-olds set their sights on getting a driver’s license. For Sophomore Lauren Fraley, her goals are a little loftier. On her 15th birthday, she received a discovery flight from her parents and she has been training to be a pilot ever since. Her fascination with flying stems from the challenges inherent in piloting an aircraft. From the weather conditions to the number of planes in the airspace to the route she is flying, no two flights are ever the same. It was only natural that once she hit her 16th birthday her top priority would be to take her first solo flight.

Lauren completed her maiden solo flight at the end of April. During that flight, she did three takeoffs and landings. To prepare for her first solo flight, Lauren had to obtain her Student Pilot Certificate as well as take a test of aeronautical knowledge. The crucial component was getting her instructor's endorsement which is based on several guidelines, including evaluating Lauren's readiness to solo and her demonstrated ability to perform various maneuvers in the aircraft. When she is ready to obtain her pilot’s license, she will need to take a formal written test. The level of preparation required for this test is similar to that of an ACT or SAT. Additionally, she will be required to plan cross-country trips, with solo trips to cities like Greenville, Paris or Tyler.

The next phases of her training will include flying cross-country and also flying at night. Lauren has distinct goals in sight as she hopes to receive an appointment to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and then serve her country through a career in aviation.

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