Legacy Christian Academy is excited to announce that a renovation is underway in the south campus chapel! In recent years, as our school has grown, so has our use of the chapel. What was once a space mostly used for staff devotions, voice and piano recitals, and prayer meetings, the chapel is now used weekly for middle school flex time, early education chapels, grade-level meetings, and more!

While we fully intend to use the chapel as just that, a place for prayer and worship, we also recognize the value it holds as a learning space. With the blessing of the original donor, we are excited to continue to honor their gift to Legacy while also expanding the influence the space offers our students, staff, and community.  – Bill McGee, Head of School

The initial renovation includes removing the pews, adding chairs, and replacing the original carpet with carpet squares. For several years the space has served as a large gathering space for middle school students and early education chapels; however, in recent years, there simply isn't enough room in the pews. “Replacing the pews with chairs, which can be reconfigured or removed entirely will allow our teachers so much more freedom,” added Glenn Dibley, Middle School principal. Similarly, Courtney Jennings, Early Education principal shared, “Having more open space for the Early Ed team provides many opportunities for our littlest eagles to include movement and social interaction during chapel and other events.”

Adam Housley, Chief Operations Officer, said that future renovation plans will include new paint, as well as possibly new lighting and additional technology. “While we anticipate additional changes, we also think it's important to live in a space to determine what our true needs are before we finalize the renovation plans.”

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