Senior Ryan Clink shares his perspective on Distance Learning

This was unexpected!! Distance learning? No one really knew what was coming, and at this point there is still a mix of confusion and anticipation for upcoming events to round out this spring semester, but that gives us AN INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY!!!

I know a lot of us weren't even born yet, and those that can claim to have lived through it had to do so in diapers, but this world shaking event reminds me of the tragedy of 9/11. While the actual events are very different in nature, they have the potential to create similar responses.  Our world changed drastically in response to 9/11.
On Sunday, September 16th, church attendance across the nation BOOMED like never before!! I just read an article about a particular church in New York that had regular attendance of 2,800 but had to accommodate 5,400 on that Sunday!!!! Not only did their regular service have twice the regular attendance, but visitors kept coming as the day went on, so they just held more services!!

Recent events have left us with the opportunity to again reach out and be the hands and feet of Christ amidst these turbulent times.  You no longer have to commute to and from school, what an incredible opportunity to spend that time in prayer. After school events have been put on hold for now, so why not use that time to reach out to your neighbors and proclaim the peace and hope that we have through Jesus Christ?? You may have siblings home from college, parents home from work, or grandparents that moved in with you, so take advantage of this time to live in true fellowship with each other!!

Ryan was also on the State Champion Varsity Basketball team.

We can't host a Worship Night in the courtyard right now or gather for chapel, but there are still ways we can further the kingdom of Christ within the parameters we have. Use some of this time to deepen your roots in scripture, or to build your relationship with Christ through prayer, or reach out to someone over the phone and share the comfort you have even during this chaotic season.
People are looking for peace and hope more frantically than ever before, and THIS IS THE TIME to reach out and proclaim where you find your peace and hope. Really consider what God's word has to say, dig into it yourself and see what truths have already been spoken. Here are a few verses to get you started…

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