On April 29th, Legacy Christian Academy held their annual awards for the Upper School and named Kailey Luiken and Ryan Thompson as Students of the Year. Being named Student of the Year is the highest honor a student at Legacy can receive. This is the third year of this prestigious award that was conceptualized by Kevin Mosley, Principal of the Upper School. He sought to design an award that would afford the faculty at Legacy the opportunity to select the standout male and female senior. In selecting the recipient of this award, the faculty use the following criteria:

  • Views the world through a biblical filter
  • Has a solid, authentic and integrated faith
  • Has the ability to think critically, and courageously defends truth in an arena of ideas
  • Understands fulfillment in this life is gained through giving selflessly and loving unconditionally
  • Demonstrates a strong work ethic both in and outside the classroom
  • Effectively leads others to a passionate pursuit of truth and relationship with Christ
  • Through their efforts and investment, will leave Legacy a better place

These two students epitomize the criteria without a shadow of a doubt. It was apparent in Mr. Mosley's presentation that both of these students have truly risen to the occasion and represent the spirit and heart of Legacy in all respects.

Female Student of the Year

Kailey Luiken

The female Student of the Year award was presented to Kailey Luiken. Kailey has taken quiet leadership roles on campus throughout her time at LCA and has won all of the student-voted awards including Servant Heart, Christian Leadership, and the Chrisitan Character award. Additionally, she has received the Legacy Award twice, which honors athletes who exhibit commitment in multiple sports. She was a three-sport athlete her senior year, participating in volleyball, soccer, and softball. She was elected as captain in both volleyball and soccer, another testament to her leadership skills and commitment to her teams.

Words like strong, purposed, solid and consistent are often used to describe Kailey. She exudes a quiet confidence and has a calming influence on other students. During the very challenging and hyper-emotional years that are high school, Kailey's calm nature is a respite for her peers. Upper School Principal Kevin Mosley described her as someone who “cuts through culture and is not battered by it. She has always been someone who is an advocate for her peers, but more importantly, she is an advocate for the Kingdom, always looking for what will bring the most honor and glory to God.”

Her teachers have the following to say about Kailey:

  • Kailey knows who she is in Christ. She leads with meekness and kindness.
  • Kailey cares more for others than she does for anything else. As a result, she exudes geniuneness – a quality rare on high school campuses.
  • Kailey has proven herself to be a leader amongst her peers academically and spiritually. High moral standards and uncompromising faith in the Lord make her beautiful. 

When asked how she felt about receiving the award, Kailey shared this:

I was very surprised when I realized that I was chosen for student of the year. I felt incredibly blessed, and humbled that I was able to receive this award. I felt almost undeserving of it, everything good I have done is because of my relationship in Christ and my family, teachers, and coaches that have made me who I am.

Male Student of the Year

Ryan Thompson

The male Student of the Year award was presented to Ryan Thompson. Ryan is an accomplished student and currently ranks in the top 10% of his class. Over the last several years, he has been honored to receive the Servant Heart and Christian Leadership awards, both voted on by fellow peers. He is a member of NHS and has served faithfully through LSO and other community associations. He has also excelled in Legacy athletics at both the district and state levels including an academic all-state award. Ryan's positive attitude and desire to be a good teammate and strong leader has resulted in him being selected as captain of the Legacy baseball team for the past two years.

Ryan has a genuine joy about him. He brings light to those around him and brings out the best in others. He is grounded and both his teachers and his peers have a high level of respect for him. One of the most telling comments received consistently from faculty about Ryan is “He is the guy you want your daughter to marry.” Any parent with a daughter would tell you that statement alone speaks volumes about his character. 

Ryan's teachers have the following to say about him:

  • Ryan is a very solid young man who loves the Lord. He is a model student and a hard worker.
  • Ryan exudes a combination of confidence, respect, and humility that does not escape notice.
  • Ryan's unwavering pursuit of truth coupled with his humility brings glory to the Lord and makes Ryan a selfless role model.

Ryan had this to say about receiving this, the pinnacle at the awards ceremony:

I am so blessed and humbled to be awarded Student of the Year. I first want to thank the Legacy staff for all they have done for me. Every day the teachers work tirelessly in order to prepare us for life after Legacy. They taught me not only how to be thorough and diligent in my work, but how to live my life driven by my faith. Without their support, guidance, and love, I would not be the man I am today. As I heard my name called, I was honored as I thought of all of the deserving classmates that sat beside me. I have had the privilege to go to school with some amazing students, and I have learned something from each and every one of them. In my years here, I have created friendships that will last a lifetime. My experience at Legacy is a memory that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I am excited and honored to have been awarded LCA’s Student of the Year.

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