Every year nearly 2 million students take the ACT. It is an arduous test and one that causes a fair bit of grief for students and parents alike. Parents comb the internet looking for resources to help their kids get ahead and students clamor for courses or methods to help them prepare for the grueling exam. Well, the results are in and Legacy students certainly have their ACT together. For starters, let's look at the overall composite score. The national average composite score across all people who took the ACT was 21. Our Legacy seniors in the Class of 2018 scored an average of 26…but the impressive stats don’t end there.

Legacy is honored to have an elite group of six students who scored a perfect 36 in one or more areas of the ACT. They are pictured along with the area of the ACT on which they made a perfect score.


Left to Right: Brandon Bowers (English), Jacob Eggleston (English and Science), Lauren Keith (English-2 times and Reading), Rachel Nguyen (English), Anna Rutenis (English), Hannah White (English-3 times)


Then there are the students who are a part of the ACT 30 Club – those who scored a 30 or higher composite ACT score. Scoring a 30 on the ACT is no small feat- that puts these students in the 95th percentile of everyone who sat for the exam. Those seniors are Makayla Abbink, Isabel Allison, Emily Bordman, Brandon Bowers, Matthew Cinclair, Collin Davison, Hannah Dryden, Jacob Eggleston, Lauren Keith, Rachel Nguyen, Grant Pickerill, Anna Rutenis and Hannah White.

In addition, ACT has identified four college readiness benchmarks used to predict collegiate academic success. They pinpointed the minimum test scores required for students to have a reasonable chance of success in first-year, credit-bearing courses at a typical college. Nationally, only 27% of seniors meet or exceed all four benchmarks. In our Class of 2018, 71% of our Legacy Seniors met or exceeded all four of those benchmarks.

Kudos to our seniors who exemplify the level of preparedness our students possess for college and beyond. Way to go!

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