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Legacy Christian Academy is pleased to offer its students the opportunity to complete a Capstone course during their senior years. While the Capstone is available to all seniors, it’s required for anyone who has chosen a concentration in their professional school, other than the Interdisciplinary option. There are two types of Capstone experiences – an Internship option and the Independent Study with mentor (ISM) option.


LCA’s Internships offers students a chance to experience what it’s like inside a fully-functioning, real-world organization within their Professional School. Student interns work side-by-side with professionals in their industries and observe what is required for success. The internship experience enhances our students’ abilities to make decisions about the academic and career fields they may pursue.

Student interns will be considered for internships that generally align with their chosen school and concentration. Deans work with local organizations to create internship opportunities for our seniors. However, students are encouraged to work on their own to identify possible internships with other enterprises – perhaps with family friends or other acquaintances are in a position to offer them. These efforts should be coordinated with the student’s Dean.

Organizations offering internships are fully vetted by LCA’s Deans and are required to provide a safe working environment and supportive atmosphere. While organizations themselves aren’t required to be Christian organizations, LCA strives to place students into internships that provide mentors whose faith in Christ impacts their professional lives as much as possible but it is not a requirement for an internship.

Working within LCA’s block scheduling approach, our interns will be assigned a Capstone block representing two class periods. Combining this extended period of time it allows for students to have more time on site adding value to their experience and their organization. Our goal is to minimize travel time and maximize learning time. Deans may authorize certain accommodations for greater-than-normal travel.

Legacy's internship accommodates scheduling conflicts with athletic events, inclimate weather conditions, school holidays, and illness. However, interns are expected to communicate with their internship provider concerning scheduling conflicts. Finally, interns should view attendance at their internship just as they would attendance for any other class.

Independent Study

The second type of Capstone course is the Independent Study program. Independent Study challenges the student to take a deep dive into a career-oriented topic and produce a research document reflecting their efforts. Students may choose to look into a current issue that impacts a corporation or industry in which they’re interested. They also may decide to investigate a type of career they want to pursue in the future. Finally, the Independent Study program may be used to sharpen a student’s skills in a particular area. For example, a student interested in pursuing photography may choose to develop a portfolio of their work, while at the same time, enhancing their personal skill set.

Students will work with their Deans to identify a mutually agreed upon pursuit that will prepare them for college and beyond. Those choosing the Independent Study path will also be assigned a double Capstone block.

Students choosing the Independent Study option should be prepared to work successfully in self-guided situations, as the vast majority of their time will be spent working on their own and with a mentor in their field of interest. Students will be asked to identify a mentor who will offer insight and guidance through this process. For some students, this level of independence presents a challenge, but for others, it offers the ability to explore and enhance their ability to keep themselves on track and focused on their purpose.

Capstone Showcase

All Capstone students will participate in a year-end Showcase program. During this one-night event, held on LCA’s campus, Capstone students will have the chance to share with the Legacy community the extent of their learning. Students will design their own presentation media and produce an “exhibit” that invites those in attendance to learn about their experience.


Capstone students – both interns and those choosing the Independent Study option – will be assessed for their efforts. In the early stages of the program, Legacy’s Deans will explain how their grades will be determined. As in all areas of Legacy’s academic program, students will be challenged to perform at a high level.  Excellent performance will be rewarded with an excellent score. Performance that falls short will be recognized as such when grades are determined.