Professional Schools Program

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about the Capstone Program

Am I required to complete a capstone?

That depends. The capstone is required for all concentrations with the exception of Interdisciplinary. However, ALL Seniors are encouraged to complete a capstone but first must submit an application in the Spring for consideration as well as the Professional agreement form.

Will I receive a grade for my Capstone?

Students will receive one course credit for the Capstone. It is graded and weighted as an honors-level course.

Will my entire capstone be spent on internship / independent study?

No. The Capstone experience is divided into 3 distinct phases

  • Phase One:  Onboarding – Orientation
  • Phase Two:  Exploring – Internship / Independent study
  • Phase Three:  Exiting – Research/ Reflection & Showcase
What is the time requirement during the internship/independent study phase?

Capstones are generally scheduled as a double block. The expectation is a minimum of 8 hours every two weeks.

May I participate in a paid internship?

There are many different types of situations and although you may be able to find a paid Internship, it will most likely be unpaid.

Will I have scheduled meetings with my Dean during my capstone block?

At your Dean’s request, you may be expected to attend individual or group meetings. You will be given at least 24 hours advance notice of  these meetings.

What are the dress requirements for my capstone?

School uniform while on campus. However, you may wear location appropriate clothing while off campus. Our internship providers will provide direction on what is considered appropriate.

Will my dean tailor my internship to match my specific interest?

Every effort will be made to place students in an area of direct interest. However, due to various circumstances, the assigned internships may have a broader focus within that school or related field.

Will I be allowed to seek an internship on my own?

Yes. Students are invited to identify their own internship with final approval from their dean.